Key Card Reader Security Service in Miami, Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale, FL

With a key card reader, the security of your home and/or business properties becomes even more reliable as you can control who can enter your property with a key card reader more than you can do with a typical metal lock and key. At Alarm Brokers of Florida, we provide our customers with a highly advanced security system by installing key card reader security service. Our services are available in Miami, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines,  and other cities we serve in the Miami-Dade metro area. Simply call us at 786-699-8434 or contact us online to avail our state-of-the-art key card reader system for your residential or commercial property.

Why You Should Consider Key Card Reader Security for Your Property

Key Card Reader Security Service
  • Using the same card you can configure and reconfigure access to your property unlike with the metal keys, new keys need to be issued and old keys have to be returned.
  • The chances of someone making a copy of a key card are very low as key cards require a very sophisticated technology to create.
  • Key Cards can easily fit into your wallet or cardholder and provides remote deactivation capability.
  • The clearance levels of individual cards can be altered instantly by a network operator. This means if you need to give temporary access to someone, for example, a guest staying at your home for a time, you can do that quickly and efficiently.
  • Each card’s information is stored in a database. Therefore if someone happens to lose their card, they can remove that card from the database and make the  card useless for anyone who might find it.
  • With key card readers, you can easily provide access to multiple doors, can provide restrictions for certain times, certain access levels, or even certain numbers of unlocks.

Secure Your Home and Business with Alarm Brokers of Florida in West Palm Beach

We have installed thousands of security systems and we treat every single customer like it’s our only customer. We are a preferred provider of state-of-the-art smart security equipment and monitoring services for both residential and commercial customers.

Choose Alarm Brokers of Florida to Protect Your Business

For the best business key card reader security system in West Palm Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Gables, and other cities within our service area. the company to contact is Alarm Brokers of Florida. Among the many reasons to choose us, some of the best reasons include:

  • We offer state of the art equipment
  • Professional monitoring services 24/7
  • Flexible costs based on your budget
  • Award-winning Alarm Response Center

Give us a call at 786-699-8434 or contact us online to discuss your security needs or for any further information about us.